The Truth About Root Canal Therapy

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Have you visited your dentist and had a cavity filled? If so, you probably understand that having a cavity filled isn’t scary or painful. However, would you be surprised to learn that many patients who have had cavities filled and who have also had root canal therapy claim that neither treatment is much more uncomfortable than the other?

Unfortunately, root canal therapy has an unmerited reputation. And you should definitely not steer clear of root canal therapy if you receive this diagnosis, as this simple treatment can save your tooth! While you should care for your teeth well which will help you avoid the need for this treatment, please have a damage root canal addressed. If you don’t, your tooth could die and need to be extracted.

Still, do you know any of the signs that could be an indicator of a damaged root canal? There are a number of symptoms you should watch for, such as pain and discomfort, pain when you eat, sensitive teeth, and a strange taste in your mouth. However, you may have a damaged root canal and not have any of these symptoms. This is another reason we suggest setting up appointments with us regularly. We can spot problems with your smile early.

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