If you have a cavity, then our Denver dentist can repair it when we place composite dental fillings. After removing the decayed tissues from your tooth, we will restore their structure by placing a durable filling material matched to your tooth color. Contact Dr. Thomas Ouellette by calling our office at 303-296-1402 if you need to receive a composite dental filling in Denver, Colorado.

Understanding When Dental Fillings Are Used

Dental fillings are used to repair minor to moderate tooth damage, such as that caused by cavities or minor fracturing or chipping. Fillings work by literally “filling in” the damaged area of the tooth, restoring its original structure and function to give you back a healthy mouth and smile. While there are several different types of fillings available, our Denver dentist and team have chosen to use only composite, or tooth-colored, filling material to give you the most natural final result possible.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

There are many benefits to using composite filling material in your treatment, including:

  • The material bonds to your tooth to provide more support for the tooth’s structural integrity
  • Reduced risk of the treated tooth breaking in the future
  • Insulation from temperature changes caused by foods and beverages
  • Better seals at the edges of the damaged area, increasing the tooth’s resistance to decay and leaks
  • The ability to correct cavities that are too small to be repaired with amalgam fillings
  • Fillings that can be repaired and replaced without being removed from the tooth
  • A safer treatment, as no metals are used in the filling material

Fillings can typically be completed in a single visit. Our Denver dentist will begin by removing the decayed and damaged portions of the tooth, and then cleaning it to remove all traces of decay. We will select the correct shade of white for your filling and then place it in the treatment area and shape it to match the contours of your tooth. Finally, the filling will be hardened to complete your treatment and give you a lasting restoration. A local anesthetic will be provided to ensure your comfort during this treatment process.

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