The Steps to Building a Better Smile: The Causes of Halitosis

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In order to show your oral health care is operating as intended, you should always look for common indications that something is amiss with your smile. A common ailment that typically arises if bacteria is present in your mouth is halitosis, also known as bad breath. However, bad breath can also be caused by numerous other underlying conditions both in your mouth and in your body.

Gum disease, which is a gum tissue infection, can cause bad breath. To make sure that bad breath does not continue to return, it is essential to first treat the gum disease. Furthermore, bad breath can be caused by underlying ailments situated within your body. This includes any liver or kidney issues and ailments that you may be suffering from. Respiratory tract infections have also been known to contribute to bad breath.

If you have bad breath that is being caused by your mouth, however, mouthwash may be able to help. This also encompasses bad breath that is caused by foods you eat. If you have poor oral hygiene, it is crucial to first rinse away all bacteria and plaque buildup. However, if bad breath continues to return despite routine oral health care cleanings, the use of mouthwash, and the avoidance of bad habits, it may be caused by an underlying illness.

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