Start Your New Year With a Full Smile!

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Start your new year with a full smile. If you have any missing teeth, it should be your new year’s resolution to have them replaced. Our fantastic team has a wide variety of services to meet your oral health care needs, including multiple types of tooth replacement treatments.

One of our finest services is our dental bridge treatment, which is a safe and effective way to replace a missing tooth and restore your smile to the shine and glory it deserves. With the addition of a dental bridge, your smile and appearance can improve. Tooth loss often creates an indent in your jawline, which can make your face look sunken in and older. Dental bridges may be able to remove years off your look as well.

Eating with missing teeth can be an arduous task, especially with hard and chewy food. Using dental bridges to fill in those missing gaps can not only remove any food restrictions you may have, but also make eating healthier, easier, and less painful.

Dental bridges can vastly improve your speech abilities depending on the location of the bridge. Even some misalignment issues can be corrected or minimized to prevent further damage, drifting teeth, or other misalignment issues.

If you would like to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Thomas Ouellette, stop by our office in Denver, Colorado, or contact our team at 303-296-1402. Don’t let missing teeth ruin your life, come in now and see what dental bridges can do for you!