Protect Your Tooth With a Crown

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Crowns bear the burden of protection. If your tooth enamel has failed or a tooth has become damaged, oftentimes a dental crown is needed to provide the future protection the tooth will need in order to thrive. Even teeth that may have fallen in battle due to wear and tear during meals may rise once more with the assistance of a crown, to function and perform for the rest of your days. Here are some of the benefits that crowns can provide:


– Dental crowns are highly effective at restoring the function of teeth that otherwise would need to be extracted. This includes binding together bits of the tooth to restore it to a fully functioning tooth once more.

РIn some cases, other cosmetic restorations may fail to fix the damage, at which point a crown is an excellent choice for covering the tooth completely and showing the world a fully customizable one that can suit your smile’s exact needs.

– Dental crowns can last anywhere from twenty years, up to a lifetime of wear and tear.

– A dental crown is a cosmetic service designed to cap and conceal teeth that are damaged, need additional care, or are stained and discolored.

– Dental crowns care highly effective treatments for covering root canals, implants, and bridges.

– Dental crowns are effective at holding dental fillings together that otherwise would be impossible, due to a low amount of tooth remaining or similar ailment.


A dental crown is another tool that you can use in your oral health repertoire. For any additional questions or concerns, Thomas E Ouellette, DDS, PC is here to help you with all your oral health needs. For a complete diagnosis from Dr. Thomas Ouellette and our team at our dentist office in Denver, Colorado, you can schedule an appointment by calling us at 303.296.1402 . We look forward to having you as our guest soon.