Oral Health Essentials: Tooth Hazard Prevention

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As you get older, each passing day is another day in which toot hazards can arise to damage your smile. However, it is also another day to enhance your smile and work on your oral health care to protect and guard your teeth. With daily healthy habits and effective tooth hazard prevention, your teeth can safely last a lifetime.

Be wary of the products you put into your mouth. Even chewing on pens or your fingernails can cause harm to your teeth, and result in chipping or cracking of your teeth. Also try to shy away from opening anything with your mouth, as this can dislodge your teeth or cause serious fractures and breakage to your teeth to occur. Furthermore, exercise caution when eating products that can cause oral accidents.

Mouth jewelry is another tooth hazard waiting to happen. Guard your teeth and gums by removing mouth jewelry from your life. Not only are many types of mouth jewelry accessories capable of easily chipping and cracking teeth, but they can also lead to infectious diseases, and can become a choking hazard if they chip or break off.

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