Keeping Your Teeth White After Your Office Treatment

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Age, medication,diet and personal habits can stain or darken your teeth. You may have decided that now is the time for a whiter, brighter smile. There are plenty of products on the market that claim to give you a grin that will light up the room. There are gels, strips, and kits that all claim to do the job. There are also toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain whitening agents.

Before you make a change or add anything to your dental routine, you should have a conversation with our dentist, Dr. Thomas Ouellette. While not all of the products may do what they claim, or be right for you, the in-office treatment offered at Thomas E Ouellette, DDS, PC is not only safe, but effective. In fact, you will notice a change right away. We can give you a kit that you can take home to keep your grin looking great, but there are other things that you can do to make sure that your teeth keep their new look.

First, if you smoke or use tobacco, you should use your new smile as an occasion to quit. Tobacco will stain your teeth brown, and nicotine will turn them yellow. What you eat and drink has a direct effect on the color of your teeth. Red wine will darken your teeth, but white wine has a high acid content and can stain your teeth as well. Caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and dark colored soft drinks can darken your teeth. The dark-red color of tomatoes and their high level of acid can turn your teeth dark; and while berries are great for a snack or dessert they can also stain your teeth. But your diet can also help clean and whiten your teeth. Hard, crunchy fruits and vegetables contain vitamins that your body needs, stimulates the production of saliva to clean your mouth, and their texture can help scrub your teeth. Dairy products help boost your smile with calcium, and hard cheese will clean your teeth. Leafy green vegetables can leave a protective film on your teeth to ward off stains. Finally, drinking plenty of water will not only hydrate your body and mouth, but help your mouth to stay clean.

If you think that your smile could use a little extra shine, or if it just time for your regular cleaning and exam, we would love to see you! If you live in the city, state, area and would like to make an appointment at Thomas E Ouellette, DDS, PC, call 303.296.1402 today.