Dental Crowns Fix Missing Fillings

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Fillings are intended to repair small to medium-sized cavities. Even though a filling is designed to last a long time, the bacteria in your mouth can sometimes weaken the cement that is holding it in place. If a large filling is lost or if new decay has developed in the tooth, there might not be enough healthy enamel remaining to mount a new filling.

In a situation like this, your dentist, Dr. Thomas Ouellette, often recommends having the entire enamel layer of the tooth replaced by a dental crown in Denver, Colorado. This generally requires two separate appointments.

First, Dr. Thomas Ouellette will examine the tooth by taking some X-rays. This will help him make sure that the decay hasn’t penetrated the sensitive internal structures of the tooth. If it has, he might need to perform a root canal first.

If the interior of the tooth is healthy, Dr. Thomas Ouellette will use a drill to remove the enamel layer of the tooth, which will create an abutment. This abutment will later anchor the crown in place.

Then, he will make an impression of the abutment and surrounding teeth. The abutment will be covered by a temporary crown and the impression will be sent to the dental lab where your crown will be made.

Dr. Thomas Ouellette will call you back into Thomas E Ouellette, DDS, PC for a short second appointment when your crown is ready. Then, he will remove the temporary crown and will cement your new permanent crown into place.

If you have recently lost a filling, you should call our office at 303.296.1402 to schedule an appointment.