March Is National Dentist Day and Dental Assistants Recognition Week

Taking the time to recognize your dental team once a year is important because they seek to go above and beyond to take the best care possible of you and your family’s smiles. Our dentist works hard all year to improve your quality of life so you can eat, smile and speak with confidence. Recognizing Dentists March 6 is National... read more »

Protect Your Smile From Dental Trauma During the Holidays!

Winter is coming, and if you are anything like us, you are likely busy preparing for the holidays to celebrate with family and friends. Because this time of year is so busy, it’s easy to overindulge in your favorite annual treats while tempted to slack on your daily oral hygiene care. But that’s a bad combination, and you really don’t... read more »

Love Is in the Air!

Love is in the air! This year has brought many surprises and changes to our office. Half of our staff got married this year! We want to congratulate Moni, Felicia and Bobbie on their new adventures and wish them many happy years to come.

A Local Hike, Walk and Bike Ride I Think You All Would Enjoy!

Late this summer the Gateway Trail Head ( 20050 US Highway 6, Golden, CO) opened up. Jefferson County open space did a wonderfuljob with this new trail. It has a nice parking lot, bathrooms, and a great trail for hikers, walkers, and cyclists with great scenery. Joe and I did this hike shortly after this trail opened. Already many others... read more »

Thanking You and Your Families This Season

Thanksgiving will soon be here, and once again, we will be reminiscing about all the things we are grateful for. For our dental team, that means letting our patients know how thankful we are to get to care for you and your loved ones’ smiles all year round! We work hard to provide consistent, excellent dental care so you and... read more »

Protect Your Family’s Smiles During Spooky Season!

Halloween will be here before you know it, and your family will have delicious confections in buckets! You might as well call it candy season because of the number of treats offered at every event this season. Everyone is in the mood to celebrate the change of season and indulge in their favorite spooky treats like candy corn, caramel apples,... read more »

Nancy Leary Retirement

After almost 20 years with us, our hygienist Nancy Leary decided to retire at the start of 2021 and spend more time with her husband and work with him at their business, Leary Racing Products Inc. Nancy and Mike are proud of their 11 nieces and nephews and 10 great-nieces and nephews. Nancy has volunteered for several years with “Sense... read more »

Celebrate National Fresh Breath Day With These Breath Enhancing Tips!

Did you know that August 6th heralds National Fresh Breath Day? Every year on this date, we take the opportunity to create awareness by celebrating the virtues of fresh breath! Falling on Friday this year, we want you to know that good breath is a sign of good oral health, and we are always down to promote that as you... read more »