A Deep Clean Can Revive Your Gums From Gum Disease

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We strive to provide gum disease treatment based on your unique needs and comfort. If gum disease has affected your smile to the point of gum recession, you may benefit from a deep cleaning procedure called scaling and root planing that is designed to restore the health of the gums by removing the bacteria along the teeth. If your gums are suffering from a strong bacterial presence, a simple deep cleaning procedure may be the right treatment for you.

Gum disease causes the gum tissues to abandon their once-snug positions against your teeth and leave the tooth roots exposed as they pull away and form pockets along the teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Thomas Ouellette can measure the severity of these pockets to determine if they are dangerously deep and require scaling and root planing in order to preserve your gums and protect the tooth roots.

First, our team scales the teeth by using a special meta-tool to scrape plaque and tartar from the tooth above and below your gum line. Then, we clear bacteria from the tooth roots–the process of root planing–and make any rough spots too smooth for bacteria to anchor to. With your teeth clean, and smooth again, your gums can reattach and eliminate the periodontal pockets. While some procedures last an hour or two, depending on the condition of your gums, you may need to have the procedure performed over a series of visits.

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